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In common case, a application directory has the following structure:

    • dmp – debug output (sdmp-files, see Glossary)
    • doc — documentation files and license
    • img — graphical components of the application
    • logs — log output
    • lpmodule — this folder contain application core files1
    • output — generated reports
    • resources — an additional application components
        • locale – folder with translation files
        • lpcombiner – this folder contain tool LpCombiner
        • lpdbmonitor – this folder contain tool LpDBMonitor
        • lpsplitter – this folder contain tool LpSplitter
        • zeroclipboard – folder for ZeroClipboard library
    • trc — folder for store trace-files
        • samples – examples of trace-files
    • tcl — additional graphic libraries for the application
    • etc — this folder keeps the files with application settings

Depending on a format of the installed application, set of files in application folder may differ:

    • Open version (archive, deb-package)
        • lightprofiler.py – starter file of the application
Application folder (OS *nix)

Pic.3 Application folder (OS *nix)


    1. Subfolders dmp, logs, output, trc, etc will be created both in the application folder and in the user home folder on OS *nix.
    • Precompiled version (OS Windows)
        • lightprofiler.exe – starter file of the application
        • required system libraries - *.pyd, *.dll, etc.
Application folder (OS Windows)

Pic.4 Application folder (OS Windows)

1The lpmodule subfolder is absent in the precompiled version (OS Windows)

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