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Current stable version (0.8.00 since 2012-02-25):

Last stable version (0.7.00 since 2011-02-18):



  • LpDBMonitor - a light-weight Oracle database monitor. Show database sessions and related information. Also it allow start/stop tracing or disconnect session. Download version 1.0.0 from here.
  • LpSplitter - this tool was designed for splitting trace-file on some parts. Download version 1.0.0 from here
  • LpCombiner - this tool was designed for extracting session data from one or more trace-files. Download version 1.0.0 from here.
Develop own tools:
  • UserTool - sample of tool. Download version 1.0.0 from here.


Manuals (0.8.00 since 2012-02-25):


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