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New version - 0.8.00

posted Feb 25, 2012, 11:05 AM by Mid Tier
Released new version of the application - 0.8.00

Change log:
  • Core

    • added ability to import/export xtrc-file via command line

    • import operation was merged with file open

    • implemented processing event for Oracle database

    • implemented processing for LOB% events (LOBREAD, LOBWRITE etc.)

  • Interface

    • added list of recently generated reports

    • implemented call of user-defined commands via toolbar

    • fixed some of navigational bugs

  • Reports

    • added optimization report for SQL statement

    • added section with preamble for trace file in resource profile

    • added section with trace file info in resource profile

    • added feature to copy SQL statement with values of bind variables in clipboard (thanks to ZeroClipboard project)

    • implemented the ability to personalize reports (include title, logo)

    • added section with SQL statements stack (under 5) for snapshots

  • Tools

    • added opportunity to plug additional modules (see Tools)

    • created tool for session management on the database server (session info, turn-on(off) tracing, disconnecting session)

    • created tool for merging trace files (PX) or extracting data for specified session

    • created tool for splitting trace file on several parts with specified size

  • Options

    • implemented calling the preferences dialog with toolbar or with using of short-keys (Ctrl-O - application, Ctrl-P - the active profiler)

    • implemented tool for tracking user-defined values of bind variables

    • changed list of available options

  • Experimental

    • added processing for time markers “*** YYYY-MM-DD...” as event “wait (others)“

    • converting time markers as nanoseconds / 1024