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Uploaded new version of the application - 0.8.00 beta

posted Jul 31, 2011, 2:00 AM by Mid Tier   [ updated Jul 31, 2011, 2:02 AM ]
Uploaded new version of the application - 0.8.00 beta 

Major changes: 
  • Core 
    • fixed bugs with processing events for Oracle DB version 
    • added "LOB..." events handling
  • Interface 
    • following sections "R by events", "R by statements", "R by cursors", "Snapshots" now can be viewed using interface
    • user commands now can be called from applications toolbar
  • Reports 
    • in report "Resource profile" added section "Preamble" 
    • in report "Resource profile" added block with information about trace file
    • introduced a new type of report - "Optimization for SQL statement profile"
    • now you can personalise reports (setting title, logo)
    • in report "Resource profile" added ability to copy SQL statement text with values of bind-variables to clipboard. This feature uses library ZeroClipboard and require enabled flash for local folder with reports
  • Settings 
    • changed names for some options
    • for options added experimental section
    • in experimental section added option «ptm» - generate event «wait (others)» for the time markers like as *** YYYY-MM-DD ... 
    • in experimental section added option «ntim» - align time as nanoseconds / 1024
  • Tools 
    • added ability to plug-in additional modules - called "tools"
    • implemented tool «LpCombiner» - application for consolidation of trace files or extracting data for specific session only.
    • implemented tool «LpDbMonitor» - application for monitoring your Oracle server''s sessions. Allows you to start, stop tracing for a specified session or disconnecting it.

P.S. The beta version may contain some bugs, please treat this with understanding. 
P.P.S. Current user guide will be added in the stable version.